5 years ago

A Nostalgic Look Back at The Season’s Most Memorable Daters (So Far)


It’s halfway through a drama-packed season, and none of our Singles have found everlasting love—so far. Fret not, hopeless romantics: There are still four more episodes to go! The real-est of reality TV dating shows, The Singles Project has featured more flops than than future husbands/wives. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Who can forget Anthony? Joey had major sexy tension with the beefcake, but cut him loose on Date No. 3. Then Anthony plotted revenge in a disastrous post-breakup confrontation that had Joey running for the hills. If you thought that was awkward, recall the eye-popping Lee-centric moments when both Marisa and Saida walked out on the bow-tied dentist. (You guys think he needs to improve his game.)

And now, we look back on daters past—the good, the bad and the slashie: