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Should Ericka Let Her Guard Down? Can Brian’s ‘Stock’ Rebound? Your Play Live Results Revealed!


Did you find Kerry’s watermelon-baby fib as unfunny as Alex? Did Tripp overreact to her (bad) dinner date with a rival suitor? Are “Lericka” jumping into couplehood too soon? Can Brian redeem himself as a non-”dick” before The Singles Project finale? The verdict is in—and we’ve got all the results of Week 7′s installment of Play Live.

Should Kerry Go to South Carolina With Tripp?

A whopping 94% say YES; who are the six percent who checked “no” and why do you hate love?

Should Tripp Be Mad About Kerry’s Date With Alex?

Surprisingly, the easygoing Brooklyn artist gave Kerry the cold shoulder after she admitted to going to dinner with another guy. Just 31% of you think Tripp’s anger was legit while 69% think he needed to chill out.

How Do You Grade Kerry’s Watermelon Excuse?

An 11% majority gives our quirky Single an A+ for her hilarious “watermelon baby” strategy for ditching Alex before dessert. Alex was not amused.

Should Ericka Let Her Guard Down With Lee?

Lee advised his new girlfriend to stop thinking so much and enjoy the moment—83% of you agree.

Are “Lericka” Moving Too Fast?

59% say no way—after all, when you know, you know.

Was Tabasum Right to Storm Out on Alex?

After Alex mocked her Patti Stanger-approved decision not to have sex until monogamy, calling her “desperate,” 90% of you support Tabasum’s dramatic walk-out. Good riddance.

1-10 Scale: How Awkward Was Broey’s Double Date?

Though Joey and Ryan instantly hit it off, Brian could not have seemed less interested in Ryan’s friend Rene. A 20% majority of you rate the two-on-two a “7″ on the awkwardness spectrum.

Could Brian’s “Stock” Get Any Lower?

Our Single describes himself as a “dick” and knows that his bad-boy reputation will only grow as his TV dating misfires accumulate. While 54% consider his boyfriend “stock” on the decline, 46% are hopeful it will increase with better behavior.





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