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Which Couple Will Stay Together? Should Tabasum Marry Vincent?! Your Play Live Results Revealed!


Now that The Singles Project has come to a close (sidenote: BOOOOOOOOOOO), which of our love matches will stand the test of time? Should Tabasum break the cycle of dating slashies and various man-boys and pursue Vincent? (Two words: Marriage. Material.) Is Brian too difficult for his own good. (You already know the answer.) The fans have spoken—and we’ve got all the results of this week’s edition of Play Live.

Which Couple Has The Most Potential?

A 59% majority thinks Kerry and Tripp have more staying power than Ericka and Lee (33%) and Joey and Jack (8%).

Will Kerry’s Mom Give Tripp Her Blessing?

A 57% majority of you had faith that Jane Cassidy would finally cave and give the Brooklyn artist her seal of approval. A not-insignificant 43% pictured her going the other way, a la “STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER YOU LONGHAIR!”

Tripp’s Mom Is Going To ____ Kerry.

Turns out Mama Barnes is a giant goofball, just like her son, so of course she loved our sharp-witted Single. 81% predicted as much, while 19% thought she’d hate Kerry.

Does Ericka Need To Be Pushed Into Declaring Her Love For Lee?

Though Ericka bashed Lee for bullying her into fast-tracking their relationship, 64% of you agree she needs some nudging in order to let her guard down and open her heart to the smitten dentist.

Will Lee’s Patience Eventually Wear Thin?

The Singles Project power couple had a happy ending, but 72% believe that if Ericka continues her aloof behavior, Lee might ultimately move on.

Should Tabasum Go For Vincent?

A whopping 93% of you are really digging the 39-year-old (age-appropriate!) Brit, and better yet, Tabasum seems to like him too!

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Difficult Is Brian?

A 27% majority give the picky menswear shop owner a “10″ on the difficulty spectrum. (The self-aware Brian, who totally owns his “dick” ‘tude, wouldn’t dispute that result.)

Do Joey And Jack Have A Connection?

65% say yes, especially after that adorbs apple-picking date.

What’s Your Favorite Part Of The Show?

56% of you most enjoy the dates followed by the Singles (35%) and the fun of watching them read your tweets on the air (9%).





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