5 years ago

Is Brian Too Shallow? Was Tabasum Out of Line? Your Play Live Votes Revealed


Did Brian lose nice-guy points for rejecting his family’s fix-up? Did Tabasum cross a line by calling out Francesco at Kerry’s birthday bash? And is it time for Lee to improve his game with the ladies after two date walk-outs? The viewers have spoken—and we’ve got all the results last night’s episode of Play Live.

How Would You Grade Lee’s Game?
After getting dissed by Marisa, Saida and Ericka, a 20% majority of you rate Lee a solid C in the seduction skills department. (Somewhere Lee’s brother Alex is nodding his head in agreement.)

Is Brian Being Too Superficial?
The sophisticated Single took major heat from Mama Trunzo, but 71% of you don’t consider Brian shallow for rejecting the advances of a nice neighborhood girl from Staten Island.

Brian or Nicole: Who Dropped the Bigger Dealbreaker?
Womp-womp. These two seemed MFEO, but he doesn’t want kids and she wants to wait until marriage to have S-E-X. 86% think Brian’s bombshell is more reason to cut a good thing short.

What Do YOU Think of Warner’s Artwork?
A whopping 89% agree with Joey that the Brooklyn artist’s blood paintings were creepy rather than cool.

Francesco or Tabasum: Whose Side Are You On?
It was pure awkwardness when Tab gave the tall, dark and Italian stud a piece of her mind, but 52% feel she was within her right to put him on the spot.

Do You Think Kerry’s Mom Will Approve of Tripp?
It’s a 50/50 toss-up on whether our Single’s best date ever will pass the Jane Test.

Francesco or Lee: Who Are YOU In a Fantasy With?
Like Onika, 56% of you fantasize about The Singles Project’s answer to Fabio; 44% agree with Ericka’s mom that the bow-tied dentist is the dreamiest.

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