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Did Lee Improve His Game? Should Kerry Ditch Tripp? Your Play Live Votes Revealed!


Did Lee take Onika’s advice and up his game to snag a hot commodity like Ericka before she takes a permanent ride on Francesco’s Vespa? Are you liking Kerry and Tripp, or is he too trippy for our Manhattan princess? Now that she’s revealed her real age, should Tabasum pursue sexy Alex? The viewers have spoken—and we’ve got all the results last night’s episode of Play Live.

How Would You Grade Lee’s Game NOW?
In a major improvement from last week, a majority of viewers upgrade Lee’s game one letter grade from a C to a B-plus. More evidence that Onika (@OnikaDMcLean) is the best advice-giver ever?

Lee’s Plan to Win Over Onika Will …
Our bashful bow-tied Single solicited O’s (amazing!) feedback, and 56% predicted his mission to get in the no-nonsense wingwoman‘s good graces would fail.

Do You Believe Open Relationships Work?
A whopping 90% of you disagree with free-spirit Kennedy (@kennedyyanko)’s strategy to simultaneously date multiple men before Mr. Right comes along. (Spoiler alert: It’s not Brian.)

On That Note, Should Brian Give It a Shot With Kennedy?
87% say NO. Open relationships = dealbreaker.

Should Tabasum Go Out With Alex Again?
Their first date was super-steamy, and Tab seemed so into the real estate hottie (@AlexAdamo2). The 41-and-fabulous doctor did express misgivings about the age difference. (He’s 32.) Despite her hesitation, 83% of you advise Tabasum to go for it!

Are Kerry and Tripp Growing On You as a Couple?
89% consider the blonde art consultant and the hipster artist an adorably perfect match. Tripp will be very happy to hear that.

Are You Glad They Booked a Third Date?
The newly minted Singles Project power couple made a cameo at Brian’s store party, and ended the night with a sweet smooch. 91% of you are stoked about Kerry continuing to romance the Tripp-ster.

Should Joey Go on a Date With the Guy He Met at Brian’s Bash?
Dude gets props for being persistent but Joey wasn’t feeling chemistry with Mr. “I Live on Fifth Avenue,” turning him down immediately. You disagree! A 53% majority think Joey is missing out on a promising partner.

Is Lee Jealous of Francesco?
Duh! 91% think Lee looks at Fabio 2.0 (@fbelcaro) and sees green.

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