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Is Francesco Legit? Should Tabasum Go for Vedant? Your Play Live Votes Revealed!


Did Tabasum make a mistake by not sticking with Vedant? Who handled the break-up best: Joey or Anthony? And on a scale of 1-10, how hot was Brian’s date Nicole? The viewers have spoken—and we’ve got all the results last night’s episode of Play Live.

Did Joey Pass the Flirt Test?
Based on his tight game at Boxers, a 20% majority of you give Joey a B+ for Better-Than-Average Flirting Skills.

Will Lee and Saida Ever Get Past the Cheek?
Saida turned her head when Lee tried to plant one on her – yikes! 30% predict he’ll score a future kiss with the purity-ring-having beauty while a whopping 70% say NO. Will Lee catch a break, like ever?

Should Tabasum Go For Vedant?
Tab was so not into the British finance guy—and neither are you! 80% give Vedant the thumbs-down; 20% say to give him a chance. Still, 27% consider Vedant to be much less of a dud than Bill the Slashie, whose Dud Score is 73%

1-10 Scale: How Hot Is Nicole?
Brian was so smitten with his date, he wanted to take her home. 24% of you rate the #TRUNZTIME-worthy hottie an “8” followed by 19% with “7” and 14% with “9.” Just 10% dubbed Nicole a perfect “10.”

1-10 Scale: How Do You Rate Brian and Nicole’s Date?
Did you see that kiss? Yowza. Brian rated it an “8,” and most of you—40%—agree. 20% call it a “7″ followed by 18% with “9” and 13% with “10.”

First Impression of Francesco: Shady or Legit?
77% think the dashing Italian stallion is not to be trusted after giving Tabasum the shaft and asking out Ericka instead. But 23% think he’s the real deal—the accent helps, we’re sure.

Should Ericka Go on a Second Date With Francesco?
66% say YES; 34% would rather not share a macaron with Mr. Smooth.

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