5 years ago

Are Ericka & Lee a Good Fit? Does Tabasum’s Real Age Make Her Hotter? The Singles Need Your Help


The seemingly impossible is possible! After days or wooing Ericka, Lee finally scored a romantic night out with her. And he went all out for the occasion, showering her with flowers, a surprise dinner at one of her favorite waterfront spots in West New York, and a bottle of bubbly!

Things seem to be looking up for our two Singles—but what do you think? Our singles want to hear from you; here are their burning questions for you this week.


Lee had a heart-to-heart with Ericka’s BFF Onika, and after resisting, she offered tips from the Playbook on how he might win Ericka over. It worked, too! But what do you think: Did Lee do enough to win over Ericka? Vote now.