5 years ago

Preview: Will Kerry Listen To Her Parents … Or Follow Her Heart?


Things are getting real between Kerry and Tripp (tripp_art), which is pretty unusual if you’ve seen these two hang out.

After three weeks of amazing dates with the Brooklyn artist, our Single is confronting a crucial decision: Should she go with her heart and continue to see Tripp, or follow her parents’ advice and pursue a well-to-do finance dude?

We’ve got a preview of Ep 6, and even if you’re so-so on the Kerry-Tripp relationship, you may find yourself rooting for these two crazy kids to make it after all.

“I really like you. I haven’t felt this way about anybody in a really long time,” confesses Kerry during a romantic rendezvous in Central Park, to which the Trippster replies: “I am 100 percent in with us.”

All the same, Kerry expresses doubt about whether to keep it going with the “dirty longhair” from South Carolina, admitting to her paramour: “You are not who my family would necessarily see me with. … I just want to make everyone happy. I don’t know what to do.”

Ack! This is like a scene from The Notebook! What should Kerry do? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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