5 years ago

Preview: Joey Thinks Jack Is ‘Crazy’—And He Loves It

Tomorrow night is the big finale of The Singles Project and after a roller coaster eight weeks on this real-time dating experiment, it looks like Joey has finally found someone with whom he’d consider being boyfriend and boyfriend.

That lucky guy is @jackhazan, Joey’s adorable apple-picking date and plus-one to Tabasum’s Tavern on the Green birthday bash.

We’ve got a preview of the PDA-shy Jack, who works in fashion and sported all black for their autumnal rendezvous at a farm outside New York City. And it looks like he’s got an off-color sense of humor: “You know what? Relationships in New York are like fat people: Most of them don’t work out. And I’m hoping this is different.”

Though Joey cuddled up to @nikeRyanYoder at Brian’s 30th b-day dinner, he seems to have more of a love connection with Jack, revealing he hasn’t felt this way about anyone since his last relationship five years ago.

“You’re really hard to read ’cause you’re crazy, but I like that. You know, I think I’m a little crazy,” Joey tells Jack during a heart-to-heart in an apple tree orchard, adding: “You’re anything but boring.”

Jack then directs the convo to politics, asking our Single if he’s a Republican or a Democrat.

“I’m a libertarian. I’d say I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal,” declares Jack, to which Joey responds: “Boner killer.”

Not quite.

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