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‘The Singles Project’ Finale: Who Lived Happily Ever After?


Eight weeks fly by when you’re having fun watching six sexy singles search for love on a real-time reality dating experiment.

It seems like just five minutes ago we met The Singles Project cast—Joey, Tabasum, Kerry, Brian, Lee, Ericka—and quickly canceled all of our Tuesday night plans so as to not miss one moment of the laughter, the tears, the storming-out-of-dates and the falling-in-love. AND NOW IT’S ALL OVER. Sadness! But first: Let’s recap all the drama from this ep, shall we?

Like most happy endings, this one was bittersweet: Everyone came out for Tabasum’s glamorous 42nd birthday party at Tavern on the Green. The Single-of-honor invited new love interest Vincent, a 39-year-old Brit with a smart-sexy Hugh Grant vibe, to the festivities. Kerry and Tripp, high on life (and each other), made a joint appearance following their getaway to South Carolina. Joey’s adorbs other half Jack showed up bearing a pie he baked using the apples they picked during their romantic orchard adventure. Awww!. Brian, aka Mr. Single, Happy and Not Settling, revealed to Joey that he wished he met someone on the show. Womp-womp. Lericka avoided each other for what seemed like forever following Ericka’s awkward exchange with him and his pals a few days prior. Breaking the ice, Lee cut into Ericka and Onika’s girl talk and begged his fellow workaholic-in-crime to give him “something” that reveals where her head is at in the whirlwind relationship.

Finally, after so much coyness, she revealed: “I am falling for you.” Then they danced the night away, making out the whole time. HOT.

Before Tab’s b-day bash, it was a different story. Ericka walked out on Lee—he’s used to it—during a raucous group hang with Alex and some other dudes who wanted to know if she’s feeling what Lee’s feeling. (He is, after all, in love.)

“I feel very strongly for Lee. But I just don’t know if I’ve identified love with Lee yet and I shouldn’t have to do it because his friends are bullying me into it,” quoth Ericka, who’s as emotionally reserved as she is fierce and fashionable.

Kerry, who uses humor as a defense mechanism, also let her guard down while visiting Tripp’s lakehouse—and meeting his mom!!!—in South Carolina. Visibly anxious, our sharp-witted Single blurted “oh my god, I’m gonna THROW UP” as the dynamic Singles Project duo pulled up to the lush and expansive property.

“You don’t need to be nervous,” drawled Mama Tripp, who’s got a sense of humor like her son. “Y’all are good together.”

Cut to the scene where Mama Jane gives the Brooklyn artist/southern gentleman her stamp of approval—things were so tense at first, that we feared Tripp would peace out and leave Kerry in the lurch. That didn’t happen.

As for Joey and @jackhazan, our hearts nearly exploded from all the cuteness—especially when Joey lifted Jack up so he could pick the “good” apples at the top of the tree. It was a chaste rendezvous—no camera kisses here—but Jack puckered up at Tavern on the Green. Another Singles Project success story!

Meanwhile, #TrunzTime came to an end as Brian’s business partner, Matt and his wife, Lauren, offered the Michael Stipe lookalike some tough-love advice on his failed string of go-nowhere dates. According to Brian, his ideal woman would boast Becca’s sense of fun, Nicole’s sexuality, Kennedy’s “facial structure,” Jenna’s sweet personality and Rene’s intelligence. Incredulous, Lauren asked: “Where are you gonna meet these girls?”

Defending himself, Brian declared: “I would rather die alone in the search for the one that’s right for me than kind of just settling … so the search goes on.”

So! You, dear viewer, have been with us since the beginning—thanks for watching and we look forward to your feedback on Episode 8. Speaking of, what did you think? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the finale? Any favorite moments? Disappointments? Tough-love insights for Brian? Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to tweet The Singles Project and your fave Singles!

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