5 years ago

Ruh Roh! Watch Taylor Ruin Kerry’s Birthday Cake


What a delicious disaster.

In a scene you didn’t see on this week’s episode, Kerry’s bestie Taylor accidentally maimed the Single’s birthday cake that was shaped like her beloved Chihuahua. Fortunately, there was a doctor in the house: Our very own Tabasum! Professing herself a “surgeon,” the downtown dermatologist attempted to re-attach the dessert doggie’s noggin. Meanwhile, Kerry was all “whatevs.” She had more pressing things to worry about. Like whether Tripp passed the Mom Test.

Did you see Jane’s face when Kerry told her Tripp’s an artist?! (We adore Mama Cassidy, but she was totally wrong about Chris. For more on well intentioned but off-the-mark parent-approved love matches, see: Trunzo, Brian.)

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