5 years ago

Who Are the Singles’ Celebrity Lookalikes?


We’ve heard the Lee get compared to Pee Wee Herman a gazillion times—blame the bow tie—but viewers also think he looks like Urkel, John Legend and Tiger Woods! Cracks Ericka’s new BF of the sex scandal-recovering pro golfer: “Hopefully my relationships work out a little better than his.” (Fingers. Crossed.)

Our other Singles have no shortage of celebrity doppelgangers either. Kerry gets Blake Lively, Leslie Mann, Shoshanna from HBO’s Girls and ultra-conservative media pundit-provocateur Ann Coulter. “She’s like an old horse with no soul—so thank you,” she sniffs. Meanwhile Tabasum has been told she resembles Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz and “Ariana Grande in the future.” As for Joey, he’s a “less ethnic Darren Criss” and “James Van Der Beek with better brows and a more symmetrical face.”

Not bad!

Also: Ericka doesn’t believe you when you say she’s the mirror image of Beyonce, and Brian has no idea what you mean when you say he’s a young Michael Stipe.

“I don’t know who Michael Stipe is,” says Brian.

How can you turn 30 and not know the lead singer of R.E.M.?! (That’s us in the corner, losing our religion and shaking our heads.)