5 years ago

Watch the Singles Read Mean Tweets


Jimmy Kimmel isn’t the only one to have subjects read mean tweets about themselves on-air. All throughout episodes of The Singles Project (and during the week!), our Singles have been getting unfiltered advice and opinions on their dating lives from viewers. So what happens when we had them your tweets aloud? Hilarity, duh!

“Can we all agree that @MissKerryNYC is a long lost SNL character that no one found funny?” says Brian, reading an anti-Kerry tweet.

Piling on Brian, whose sexuality is practically a trending topic (he’s straight, guys!), Kerry jokes: “People on Twitter I agree with you – I thought Brian was gay when I first met him. Is Brian not gay?”

Those two are like brother and sister—keep the sibling rivalry going and the laughs coming. And to the mean tweeters: be gentle! This is the Singles’ first time…on TV.