5 years ago

The Singles Read Your Tweets and Get Awkward


You’ve seen our Singles read mean tweets and sexy tweets.

This week, the hilarity resumes with another round of awkwardness as the cast voices your snarkiest messages to date.

“I like Tripp even if he looks like the dude from college who played “Wonderwall” every time he touched an acoustic guitar,” says Kerry, reading a tweet directed at her latest love interest that sends her into an epic giggle fit.

In response to this gem—”You could drive a freight train through Lee’s pauses—Brian cracks, “I was thinking like a 747 Boeing. Love you, Lee.”

Here’s a zinger targeting our celebrity brow wizard: “If I had a dollar for every time Joey runs a finger through his eyebrow, I’d have a pocketful of dollars.”

To which Joey strokes his money-makers, responding: “Getting richer!”

Watch the awk ensue below.