5 years ago

Tabasum’s Confession, Ericka & Lee’s Adorable First Date: Last Night’s Best Tweets

So. Many. Twists!

On last night’s episode of the Singles Project, bombshells were dropped left and right. Tabasum revealed she’s really 41-years-old—You go girl!—and Ericka and Lee finally stepped out for an adorable, champagne-fueled date with a beautiful NYC view to boot. (You guys: Ericka likes him, likes him!) Twitter was there to weigh in on every single twist and turn. Read on for your best reactions to last night’s ep.

Kerry’s mom may not be throwing full support behind Kerry dating Tripp, but one fan thinks she shouldn’t listen too much to her parents.  

Brian’s date with Kennedy—and her revelation that she’s in two open relationships—made one fan shake her head.

But is Kennedy the one who got away? Naaaaah!

In fact, maybe this one’s a good match for our former lawyer!

Was Joey wrong to turn down a date so fast? Courtney thought so.

On the other hand…

Tabasum’s bombshell revelation that she’s 41 came as a shock…

…a good one, though!

Hopefully it bodes well for her next date!

One fan thinks Francesco’s game was off.

And it only set the stage for Lee to get a Standing O from Twitter.

Don’t worry Francesco: there’s still hope for you yet!