5 years ago

What, No Portrait of Kerry? Tripp Reveals His Trippiest Paintings


Memo to Kerry’s mom: Tripp is a successful, emphasis-on-working artist. And in order to sell him even more (though by the looks of this clip we don’t need to), we asked the man himself some more about his masterpieces.

Tripp is the creator of a rainbow-doused genre of painting he dubs “Pop Neoism,” for which he’s launched an equally Kool-Aid-colored website. The 26-year-old native son of South Carolina—an alum of the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design—pursued careers in film and advertising before becoming a full-time artist two years ago. He hasn’t looked back since.

We asked Tripp to show us his trippiest (pun intended) artwork and here are his selections. Below is a portrait on canvas of a model-actress named Jessica Mark. Called “Melt With Me,” it’s part of Tripp’s “Beauty” series. He tells us: “Though what the viewer should know is that their is beauty all around us. It’s unfortunate most humans take for granted how beautiful and gorgeous life truly is.”


Tripp worked on “The Colorful Johnny” in collaboration with painting partner-slash-OB/GYN Steven, who you may recall as the other dude on Kerry and Taylor’s double date. In a description, Tripp says: “This piece marks a significant turning point in (his and Steven’s) art careers. It’s right during this time that these two gentlemen coined their own form of artwork, ‘PopNeoism’ deriving from a new form of pop art and abstract expressionism.”


The subject of this splashy-hued, gold-framed work, dubbed “LouLou,” is the lead singer of the band Thievery Corporation, a major influence on Tripp’s art. “The abstract background expresses both their musical genre and his artistic expression,” according to our Single’s new Brooklyn boyfriend.


It’s like the inside of Tripp’s brain!

If you like what you see, there’s way more where that came from: Check Tripp’s latest works on Instagram and commission your own psychedelic portrait before his prices go up!

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