5 years ago

Kerry’s Tough Decision, Ericka & Lee’s Sweet Romance: Last Night’s Best Tweets

America, let’s hear it for The Singles Project’s first happy couple! Last night’s installment of The Singles Project was the most dramatic yet as Ericka finally succumbed to Lee’s Southern charm and agreed to get serious with the smitten dentist. Twitter basically exploded. Read on for the best reactions on Week 6′s Lee-and-Ericka bombshell, Kerry’s parental pressure to ditch Tripp for a rich guy and Brian’s amusing confession that, yes, he’s kind of a “dick.” (Hey, he said it.)

Was it too soon for Lee to drop the L-bomb? No way!

The verdict is in: Everyone loves Tripp, and Kerry should follow her heart! Joey concurs.

Some tweeters, however, are just not that into Tripp.

The Twitter-verse applauds Brian’s honesty along with @JennaGarofalo for giving it to him straight.


So Alex was a bit “weirded out” by Tabasum’s age reveal? BIG DEAL, you say!

As for Joey getting stood up, at least one tweeter thinks our brow-tastic Single should use this experience as an opportunity to pursue Bravo’s own Andy Cohen! Can you see it?

Francesco, Tripp