5 years ago

#WatermelonBaby, Tabasum’s Amazing Read: Last Night’s Best Tweets

With only one week to go, Twitter was out in force last night to weigh in on the Singles and their dating adventures. From Kerry’s amazing excuse to leave dinner with Alex to Tabasum’s straight-up read of the sexy realtor, read on for your best tweets.

First, this:

After her awkward date with Alex, Kerry hoped that Tripp would take her back—and he did! Now, they’re set to take a vaca together (her first with a BF!) to his home state of South Carolina. And y’all were thrilled with the move!

Too soon?

Brian may have had a blast celebrating his 30th birthday, but he’s still looking for love. And the Twitterverse is rooting for him.

Melissa, are you free this week?

There was also this Tweet.

Tabasum gave the heave-ho to the sexy realtor Alexander. And her tart-tongued words to him before storming out got a Standing O.

Bevy Smith would approve.

Point taken.

Joey had two amazing dates with two hot guys—but many couldn’t choose who he should see next.

Ericka and Lee, meanwhile, got hot and heavy in the pool out in Southampton. And Twitter is still in love with the couple.

Us too, Chris. Us too.