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Will Ericka and Lee Hook Up? Are Kerry and Chris a Match? Your Play Live Votes Revealed!


During last night’s Episode 2, we asked you, the viewers, to weigh in on just about everything happening with our Singles. And you’re an opinionated bunch! Is Bevy a better wingwoman than last week’s fan fave Onika? Will Ericka and Lee hook up in a future ep? We’ve got the results from last night’s Play Live.

Tabasum or Joey: Who’s Most Likely to Find Love?
Now that we’ve met these two and seen them on the scene—you have a pretty good sense of who you think will mostly find the perfect partner. 61% think Joey will meet a good match; 38% are rooting for Tabasum.

Bevy vs. Onika: Who’s a Better Wingwoman?
Who knew Ericka had fellow Bravolebrities as BFFs! Fashion Queens host Bevy Smith made a guest appearance to offer Ericka her thoughts on dating in NYC. But was she a better wing woman compared to last week’s fan-fave Onika? 70% seemed to think so. America, is that a read?

Is Sobriety a Dealbreaker?
Brian revealed he gave up hooch on last night’s ep—but will that hurt him in his quest for love? 56% think dating someone who’s on the wagon is a deal breaker. Or maybe America just has a drinking problem.

Will Ericka and Lee Hook Up?
Poor Jerome got let down by Ericka last night when she found out his real age—and that he lived with his parents. But fans see love in her future: 82% say she and fellow Single Lee have undeniable chemistry. And a majority—22%—think there is an 80% shot they’ll hook up.

Should Tabasum’s Sister Get Involved?
After her awkward date with a younger slashie last week, Tabasum sought help from her sister—who promised to never set her up with any douchebags. When it comes to romance, is it good for family play matchmaker? 59% percent of PlayLive voters say no!

Did Kerry Pick the Right Date?
Fans were pretty polarized over this one: Chris, the man who wooed Kerry with a rose, or Matthew, the “Gingie from Tindie.” While 45% say Chris was a good call, 54% think Kerry should give Matthew a shot. (After all, 58% of viewers think sailing around the Hudson is too much for a first date.) It’s a good thing he’s still interested! Still, will Kerry and Chris go out again? 87% of you think they should!

Was Joey Too Harsh to Anthony?
There was a definite sexual spark between Joey, Anthony and his #BrowsBulgeBrowsBulge—but Joey has decided not to see Anthony anymore. Was his break-up with him too harsh? A majority of you said yes, grading it a 7 out of 10.

Now is a crucial time for our Singles: they’re getting ready to start dating again tonight. Go here to weigh in on what they should do next—and watch them solicit your advice below.

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