5 years ago

What The Singles Learned From Dating on TV


The challenge was to find The One—a surprisingly difficult feat in the dating smorgasbord of New York City—and some of our Singles might just have done it. But no matter if their coupled up or walking out alone after eight weeks on our real-time reality TV experiment, they say they consider their efforts to be successful rather than shameful.

For Tabasum and Brian, the show shed a spotlight on what they truly want out of a romantic partner—and what they can improve about themselves on the path toward meeting that elusive soul mate.

“I learned that I’m a pretty particular person and that I have a tendency to drive people away at times,” says Brian, calling his Singles Project run a “success.” “But on top of that I’ve learned that it’s probably caused by my desire to not settle. My desire to find The One and my desire to find The One that I deem to be my equal and the person that I want to grow old with and love forever and be happy with.”

As for Tabasum, “The thing that I learned about myself the most is that I have become so much better at communicating and telling the person that I am dating exactly how I feel—and that was kind of a struggle for me before.”

Joey, who sparked an on-and-off-camera love match with @jackhazan, echoes that sentiment, saying: “Just by getting out there and be opening and being honest, I learned that I can be vulnerable and I think I’m in a good place right now.”

Meanwhile, Ericka, who ended up falling for cast mate Lee, admits: “I learned that I’m a bigger control freak that I thought I was originally.”

Our resident comedian Kerry, who is basking in the delight of her artist-boyfriend Tripp, did not miss the chance to razz her favorite human punching bag. She cracked: “I think the Singles Project for me was a success—I don’t know about Brian.”


Watch their final look back here.