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How Long Will Ericka & Lee Last? Was Brian a Jerk to Jenna? Your Play Live Results Revealed!


Will Ericka and Lee be together forever or fizzle out? Are Kerry and Tripp meant for each other? Did Brian royally screw up his date with Jenna? America has spoken—and we’ve got all the results of this week’s edition of Play Live.

How Long Will Ericka And Lee Last?

A 22% majority of you predict that the The Singles Project power couple will be together for 9+ years, aka they’re in it for The Long Haul.

What About Kerry And Tripp?

Everyone loves the concept of these two goofballs, but most of you—25%—predict their sizzling chemistry will fizzle out within a year of dating. (Somewhere Kerry’s parents are jumping up and down with happiness.)

Will Mama And Papa Cassidy Be The Cause Of Their Split?

60% say YES.

Should Kerry Be Keeping Her Options Open?

61% of you agree with Kerry’s friends and family that our Single should pursue other potential future husbands. Sorry Tripp!

How Did Brian Handle His Date With Jenna?

The self-described “dick” gets an “F” for his behavior toward the Kathie Lee-and-Hoda-approved advertising industry recruiter. (Meanwhile, 71% of you have a good impression of Jenna, who called our Single out on being a music snob with a judgy streak. Love ya, Brian!).

Does Brian Want To Date ‘Himself’?

A whopping 90% of you think that, yes, the retail entrepreneur’s self esteem isn’t just searching for The One. He’s searching for the female version of Brian.

Who Has Been Tabasum’s Worst Date This Season?

Definitely Bill the Slashie (61%) followed by Vedant (25%) and Ken (14%).

Will Alex Still Be Interested After Learning Tab’s True Age?

Based on their sexy rendezvous in Week 6, 75% of you think age ain’t nothing but a number in the fledgling Alex/Tabasum romance.

Would YOU Let Kathie Lee and Hoda Set You Up?

57% would not allow the wine-loving Today show duo anywhere near their Match.com accounts, especially after Tabasum and Brian’s letdowns.

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