5 years ago

Kerry’s Tough Decision, Ericka & Lee’s Sweet Romance: Last Night’s Best Tweets

America, let’s hear it for The Singles Project’s first happy couple! Last night’s installment of the show was the most dramatic yet as Ericka finally gave in to Lee’s charm and agreed to get serious with the smitten dentist. Twitter basically exploded. Read on for the best reactions on Week 6′s Lee-and-Ericka bombshell, Kerry’s parental pressure to ditch Tripp for a rich guy and Brian’s amusing confession that, yes, he’s kind of a “dick.” (Hey, he said it.)

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5 years ago

New Yorkers Make Joey Feel Better About Being Stood Up


First off, Can you believe that someone would bail on Joey? The audacity! Let this be a lesson to us all: Never go horseback riding with a stranger.

Down but not out, and eager to get back on the saddle again, our resilient Single hit the chic streets of Manhattan on a mission to collect the best (er, worst) personal stories about being stood up and interview offenders as well as victims.

“No, I stood up people,” one elderly woman tells the brow maestro in a very funny confession.

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I had the BEST time bartending. tonight on Watch What Happens Live!!! Love me some @bravoandy ❤️ #TheSinglesProject @bravotv


5 years ago

Did Lee Drop the L-Bomb Too Fast? Is Brian in Love With Himself? Help the Singles Now!


Golf outings, ping pong dates, and a firing squad in front of Ericka and Lee’s friends and family: everyone got plenty of action on this week’s episode of the Singles Project. Well, except for Joey, who was stood up for his horseback riding date. (So. Rude!)

Joey’s dating woes aside, the Singles still need your help this week. Read their questions to you below and sound off in our polls.

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