5 years ago

What The Singles Learned From Dating on TV


The challenge was to find The One—a surprisingly difficult feat in the dating smorgasbord of New York City—and some of our Singles might just have done it. But no matter if their coupled up or walking out alone after eight weeks on our real-time reality TV experiment, they say they consider their efforts to be successful rather than shameful.

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5 years ago

Which Couple Will Stay Together? Should Tabasum Marry Vincent?! Your Play Live Results Revealed!


Now that The Singles Project has come to a close (sidenote: BOOOOOOOOOOO), which of our love matches will stand the test of time? Should Tabasum break the cycle of dating slashies and various man-boys and pursue Vincent? (Two words: Marriage. Material.) Is Brian too difficult for his own good. (You already know the answer.) The fans have spoken—and we’ve got all the results of this week’s edition of Play Live.

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5 years ago

Ericka & Lee 4 Eva, Joey Gets Read: Last Night’s Best Tweets

It’s over—for the Singles Project. But for some of our New Yorkers, it’s just the beginning. On last night’s finale, we saw Ericka and Lee and Tripp and Kerry begin their happily-ever-afters, while Tabasum and Joey finally met people we hope they continue to date. Poor, Brian: no ladies for him. But after reading your best tweets from last night, there’s definitely hope for him yet. Read on for your best commentary on the episode.

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5 years ago

‘The Singles Project’ Finale: Who Lived Happily Ever After?


Eight weeks fly by when you’re having fun watching six sexy singles search for love on a real-time reality dating experiment.

It seems like just five minutes ago we met The Singles Project cast—Joey, Tabasum, Kerry, Brian, Lee, Ericka—and quickly canceled all of our Tuesday night plans so as to not miss one moment of the laughter, the tears, the storming-out-of-dates and the falling-in-love. AND NOW IT’S ALL OVER. Sadness! But first: Let’s recap all the drama from this ep, shall we?

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5 years ago

The End of the Road: What Advice Do the Singles Have for Their Fellow Singles?


It seems like only yesterday we hit New York City’s streets with our Singles in their quest to find true love. There have been plenty of highs—Ericka and Lee, who knew?—lots of laughs (#WatermelonBaby!), and more than a few lows (poor Brian, who didn’t seem to find any decent matches).

With the season wrapping up tonight, our Singles have had time to reflect on this wild 8-week-long ride—and they’re sharing advice to their fellow castmates as they continue on their journey for The One. Watch the cast’s emotional confessions below.

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5 years ago

Brian and Joey Take Their Bromance To A Whole New Level


The bromance between Joey and Brian, aka “Broey,” is growing stronger every week. And frankly, we can’t get enough of it. Which is why we couldn’t help but show you more from when they met up and brave a double date together. Obviously, as stylish men do, they had to meet up before for a pre-party brow trim and gab session – and we have the footage.

And they aren’t just chatting, they’re teaching America a lesson.

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Someone who loves me for me.

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