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All The Dirty Details on Leah Forester's Sexy 'Eyes Wide Shut' 40th!

Why were there golden naked lampshade people and did the John Sowden house juju set the stage for conflict? Leah Forester tells all. 

Will Leah Forester's Sexy 40th End in Disaster?
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If There Goes the Motherhood star Leah Forester wanted to have a memorable - and fabulous – fortieth, her mission was definitely accomplished. With basically naked gilded models with antlers, little people sumo wrestlers, and her own slammin’ outfit, girl made quite the impression on her guests. Unfortunately, her guests, ahem, cousin Billy, also stood out that night. Get the low down on this Eyes Wide Shut party from the birthday girl herself, and get some tips on how you, too, can throw such a sexy soiree. Why did you choose the movie Eyes Wide Shut as your theme?

Leah Forester: I’m a free spirit and I love to bring that out in others. The film Eyes Wide Shut is an intelligent and provocative look at marriage — and that’s something I can relate to. I love playing dress up — I’m a stylist! — And am definitely a boundary-pusher by nature. What better occasion to celebrate that than my 40th birthday? At this point in my life I’ve never felt more free or celebratory. My parties are known for being strange and beautiful combinations of artistic expression. So why not have fun with some shock value? All my married adult friends are hungry for daring excitement and they know they can depend on me to provide that in a harmless, fun way. Can you describe the thoughts behind the decor and party entertainers? 

LF: The idea was to create a decadent, surreal experience, the way the film made you feel. Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists — he mixed the glamorous, the grotesque, the beautiful, and the bizarre to create dreamscapes. All my parties are live dreamscapes. Hopefully, you leave a little more free, disoriented, and turned on. The performers were fire dancers, golden deer, a peacock fairy who pushed around a cart serving Absinthe. I’ve been to many parties myself that I want to create things I’ve never experienced. For the dress code, it was sexy and decadent. The masks gave people the freedom of anonymity so their true self would emerge. And that’s what seemed to happen that evening! It was an intoxicating mix of sexy people, music, a mysterious location…and DRAMA! That’s my special sauce in creating events…it’s an explosion of the senses. What are your tips for throwing a killer theme party? 

LF: Well, as a hostess you must be TOTALLY COMMITTED to the theme, meaning you MUST dress to impress. If you ask your guests to come in costume you must be show-stopping yourself so they feel free to express themselves. There’s nothing worse than a half-done theme party. So go ALL THE WAY. In the Eyes Wide Shut movie, the women are naked with only capes and masks so I had to recreate the same feeling without actually being naked! You could say the dress was…well appreciated.

Music, lighting, and live experiences are key to a immersing guests in a theme. Anyone can throw a basic party. But in order to actually send guests away with a memorable experience, you have to shake them a bit. Surprises like frolicking golden deer, an Absinthe Fairy, and erotic live jazz take guests on a magical journey. They are so far transported into a fantasy world that they interact with each other in a more heightened way. It’s really live theater and the guests are the willing performers who bring it to life. Why did you choose the "Black Dahlia" John Sowden house? Did you feel the house gave you any bad vibes with your confrontation with Cousin Billy?

LF: Haha!   Well, you can’t have a party like this in a restaurant or other public space. People have to feel safe. So it has to be private, secretive, and clandestine. This house has a mysterious vibe that cannot be denied! It was the container for our magic. Drama and all…an incredible time was had by all that night. What a way to turn 40!

For even more deamscape party pics, take a look below and tune in Wednesdays at 10/9c to There Goes the Motherhood! 


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