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I Respect Juncie's Lifestyle

Jewel explains that she's trying to get to know the new Junice and shares her feelings about Benji and Brooklyn working together.

By Ben Tankard Jewel, what do you think of their differences of opinion between you and your sister Junice?
Jewel: Junice and I have been very close for quite a while. I respect her lifestyle -- to each their own. But I think my lifestyle gets on her nerves because I have always been an over-the-top thinker and dreamer. Those that are around me, I will provoke them to greatness and thinking over-the-top, too. And I think the whole thing is just very extra for her. So now that I know how much she really dislikes that, I'm working on just talking about what she has going on and her feelings about family, work, etc. What did you think of Junice's decision to move? She made a major statement when she said "You are NOT the boss of me." What did you think of her decision to not tell you guys?
Jewel: I think her decision to move and not tell us just makes a statement about her need and desire to break away from the family and to create her own space and identity. I think she feels like she can't really come into her own with us knowing her personal business. I understand being the youngest sister can cause one to feel disrespected and not fully recognized for your own individuality. Of course, it was still very hurtful for the whole family for her not to share. Everytime she's moved before, she always told us. Maybe we will have to get to know the new Junice, and just accept whatever we can get for the sake of the relationship. Benji and Brooklyn butted heads at Brooklyn's hair show. Who do you think was at fault?
Jewel: I'm not quite sure whose fault it was exactly. They both have different stories. But one thing they didn't do was communicate enough about what their expectations of each other were, and what was expected at the actual show. I would have liked to have seen them still respect each other -- and control their negative emotions. They have to learn how to talk it out. This could have been fixed. Nobody died. You are still family.

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