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Ben: I Don't Have Time to Play Referee

Ben explains why it's challenging to hear the juveniles complain at Cyrene's party.

By Ben Tankard What have you been up to since we last saw you?

Ben TankardMy life is great, and my wife and I are approaching 15 years of marriage and never have had a shouting argument. Marriage is great, and I am enjoying seeing the kids evolve into their gifts and talents. My new CD "Full Tank 2.0" is due out next Month and my book Full Tank Life and clothing line Tank Full for Men of Stature are do out this fall. I am enjoying this 40-pound weight loss and and new look. Life is good. How does it feel to have the last juvenile graduating?

BT: Relieved but also nervous. This is the end of an era...seems we have had juveniles under foot forever. Does this mean we are closing in on an empty nest? Very proud of Cyrene and how "good" she has been her entire childhood career.

I don't think it is fair to be jealous of Cyrene on her big day.”

Ben Tankard How did it make you feel to see the other kids talk about how they never got graduation parties?  

BT: It is kind of challenging with the other juveniles feeling a little slighted about Cyrene's party being more "grand" then theirs. I don't see what the big deal time goes by and you go up the financial ladder, things should get better and each party gets better. Benji had even more people at his party, and he received a new black Ford Mustang, which he wrecked. Britney had a party and received a red Mustang. Brooklyn has had our support on her many ventures and celebrations. We sent Marcus off to bible missions college. All the kids have had their fair share of parties, cars, and support. I don't think it is fair to be jealous of Cyrene on her big day. What's your relationship with Marcus like? Are you happy to have him around full-time now?

BT: Marcus and I are more friends than dad and son, since I'm only 19 years his elder. I love it. He is an old soul, so we are very compatible as friends. I love his wife. She is a great asset to the family and brings out his best. How involved do you get in your wife's arguments with her sisters?

BT: I don't. I have a policy to let girls be girls. What does not come out in the wash will come out in the rinse. In other words, if they keep working at it, they will eventually get it all good again. Then someone will get mad and it will all start over again. LOL. Meantime, I will go fishing with my sons or fly daughters to Miami on the plane to go shopping. I have to make up for lost time with the kids...not play referee to the three Js.

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