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Jewel: I Was Very Hurt

Jewel gives us an update on the Tankard family and explains why her fight with Junice was so hurtful.

By Jewel Tankard What have you been up to since we last saw you?

Jewel Tankard: A lot of changes in our lives. I'm so glad God's grace has helped me to adapt. Cyrene is gone to Howard, but I've been on campus like four times since she's been gone. So that has helped. I've launched the Jewel Tankard Financial Show, and will be starting the Jewel Tankard Talk Show on Impact Network. Ben and I signed a deal with NYS Eyewear: We have trendy sunglasses and shirts with our sayings and dream lines on them.  We started a boutique and food pantry in our ministry where people in need can get free clothes and free food.  The Millionairess Club ladies went to a five-level resort in Florida.  In 2015, 6-week sessions will be starting, and we will be traveling to the Biltmore Estates this year. The children are all really growing in their businesses, and I couldn't be prouder. Marcus has become a strong part of the ministry. The one thing that I haven't gotten that I really want is a puppy. Hopefully that'll come next. 

Jewel's Having a Hard Time Letting Go What was your reaction when you found out your sister Junice had moved to Texas without telling you first?

JT: I was very hurt, because we usually would discuss any major transitions like that. That was something that our family would normally do across the board when it came to life changes. Between the end of last season and the beginning of this season, what has your relationship with Junice been like?

JT: The good thing is that we have not had any arguments, but she feels very reluctant to talk. I attempt to call and text her consistently, but she had not very responsive, up until recently, which is progress.

We all need to be more sensitive to the personalities of our siblings and be willing to work through it.”

Jewel Tankard How did you feel seeing the kids getting so upset about your fight with Junice?

JT: It is very hurtful, but I hope they can look and see through the situation what to do and not to do. I also hope that it will help them to fight for their relationships with their siblings, as well, through the good and bad, because someone is going to have to stand and say, "I am not going anywhere." We all need to be more sensitive to the personalities of our siblings and be willing to work through it. Whoever is stronger emotionally needs to be able to be more adaptable. Ultimately, this is life, and situations will arise, and we all have to accept that we are all imperfect people and work through our differences. 

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