To Rome for Love's Diann Valentine Leads Bespoke Luxury Dating Getaways with a Super High Success Rate

To Rome for Love's Diann Valentine Leads Bespoke Luxury Dating Getaways with a Super High Success Rate

The Venus Affect works better than "swiping left," but it commands a five-figure price.

By Tamara Palmer

Envious of the love adventures you're seeing Diann Valentine lead on To Rome for Love? She also has a very high success rate with her five-year-old bespoke luxury matchmaking company, Venus Affect, but it comes at a very high price.

"We do bespoke luxury curated experiences for women that seriously want to date internationally, primarily in Europe," she told Personal Space. "We qualify them, we qualify the men and then we take them on this journey of dating in Europe for a couple of weeks — and those trips are $50,000 per person."

With that price comes a very high level of personalized service — no one is simply thrown out to the dating wolves, especially overseas.

"It is a very chaperoned experience," she explained. "The ladies aren’t alone even when they go on dates. We hire security personnel that are always with them so they are never alone with the gentlemen. We do all of the hard work for them, we pre-qualify them, we come up with great dates that we feel the ladies will enjoy, we make sure we know they are going to be compatible, we do background checks, we look at their families and their backgrounds and their careers. So we really do all of the work for you so that, much like on the show, the odds are only in your favor once you say, 'Yes, I am interested, I’m willing to go on a date.'"

Her method has worked for more than three-quarters of the people she's helped.

"Before I started the company, I started casually going to Europe with friends who were interested in dating European men," she recalled. "A couple of those friends are still married to this day to Italian men. I like to say I have a 76% success rate. So of all of the women I've organized specific trips for with the specific purpose of finding love, 76% of those women are either married or in long term relationships with the men they met overseas."

Part of that success rate has to do with that pre-qualification she mentioned — and the likelihood that people who are willing to drop 50 stacks for the opportunity are going to take it pretty seriously. 

"One of the reasons I think the excursions that we do are so expensive is that we really only want to work with people who are really serious about this love thing," she said. "There are a thousand dating apps out there that anybody can find and use at their will and it costs them nothing to do it, or it costs very little to do it, so I feel like the stakes aren’t high enough for people to really be serious about finding love. But when you invest in yourself there becomes a different kind of accountability with the women that we work with. They know that the stakes are high, they don't want to waste their money so they are far more willing, I think, to do the work than women that are just interested in 'swiping left.'" 

Diann works with select quality instead of the mass quantity that dating sites and apps have. 

"No disrespect to dating sites or apps, but for the developer of a dating app or a dating site it's a numbers game, so for them, they are trying to get as many users as they possibly can to engage on the platform. So just from the shear odds of the millions of people who use these apps there is going to definitely be some success but I think it's still a huge drop off of unsuccessful people that have gone that route and didn’t make it, because many of the women we work with have done that. They’ve done, they’ve done Tinder, they’ve tried all of these other services and they realize, you know what, this is not working, I’m getting older. If I really want to find love, if I really want to spend my life with somebody, maybe I should be willing to invest in that the same way that I’m willing to invest in my body at the gym or my good health or a new car."

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