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Top Chef: Just Desserts

14 pastry chefs will see if they have what it takes to outbake, outblend, and outbrulee the competition where the main focus is the Achilles heel of most chefs: desserts.
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Top Chef: Just Desserts

Taking the Cake

Dannielle Kyrillos explains what the judges' decision ultimately came down to.

Best in Show

The final three chefs compete for the ultimate title of "Top Chef: Just Desserts."

Grande Finale

Hubert Keller explains why Chris ultimately edged out Sally for the win.

Nobody's Perfect

Gail discusses the best of this week's dishes, and why Orlando was ultimately sent home.

The Final Four

We learn the sweet way not to judge a book by its cover.

Puff Piece

Johnny Iuzzini examines Chris' use of store-bought puff pastry.

Big News!

Dannielle Kyrillos has something to share.

Bon Voyage

Hubert Keller critiques the final four's disguised dishes.

Carlos vs. Orlando

Gail Simmons explains why Carlos' dessert was ultimately less successful than Orlando's.