Anthony Bourdain Reveals "the Most F***ed-Up, Crazy-A**, and Funniest Thing" He's Ever Done for TV

Anthony Bourdain Reveals "the Most F***ed-Up, Crazy-A**, and Funniest Thing" He's Ever Done for TV

It's what happens when a fearless chef and intrepid traveler has total creative control.

By Alesandra Dubin

Ever wonder how Anthony Bourdain selects the diverse and far-flung destinations to which he travels for his CNN show Parts Unknown?

Well, Bourdain told Eater, he and his crew pretty much go wherever they damn well please, and capture whatever they find to be compelling content for the show. In the 10th season, which premieres on October 1, he'll go to — no big deal — eight cities on four continents, including places he's never been before (which in itself is a tall order for perma-traveler Bourdain). 

"Usually, I’ll be sitting with my camera guys and producer on a shoot. It’ll be late at night, we’ve be shooting all day in Sri Lanka or Singapore or wherever, and we’re sitting in a noodle shop or the hotel bar knocking back some drinks, talking about where we could go to play, to make something awesome that we haven’t done before," Bourdain told Eater. "A lot of it comes from, maybe, movies I’ve seen. We’ll be talking about movies and the look of certain films. And I’ll ask, 'Where can we go to do that? Where do we go to do a black-and-white show?' That might be something. Or maybe I read about something in the paper, saw a film, or somebody reached out with a history and a particular point of view that excites me."

These conversations are definitely not happening in some sterile office building under florescent lights, Bourdain said. And he told Eater that CNN definitely doesn't have a heavy hand in the decision making.

"It’s as much freedom as anyone’s ever had on television. I’ve never received a phone call from CNN — ever, none of us have — that begins with the sentence, 'Wouldn’t it be a good idea if...' or 'How about...' Never. So we’re just taking full advantage of that freedom, in any way we can think of. We’re just trying to change all the time," he said.

To that end, he let on a teeny bit of a spoiler for this season: "I'll tell you this," he told Eater. "This season has the most outrageous show we’ve ever done with Eric Ripert, in the French Alps. It is the most f***ed up, crazy-a**, and funniest thing we have ever, ever done. They might have to put an 'adult content' warning on it."

Noted (and setting the DVR).

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