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Bethenny Frankel

Now I'm Mad

Bethenny Frankel was a little ticked off by the outcome of this episode.

Make it Work

Bethenny Frankel doesn't think Leah's poor performance was due to her kiss with Hosea. Let her explain.

I'm A Fat Girl

Bethenny Frankel is annoyed. Find out why.

The Doctor is In

Finally! Bethenny Frankel thinks the chefs are finally starting to shine. Find out her favorites.

Eating My Words

Bethenny Frankel has changed her mind — she nows likes Ariane. Go figure.

Rock on Rocco

The Real Housewife of NYC thought someone else would win the on-air demo challenge. Find out who.

Team Rainbow No More

Real Housewife of NYC Bethenny Frankel needs more action.

Top Dog

Zzz. Bethenny Frankel explains why she's so bored by this season's Top Chefs.

Broken Rainbow

The Real Housewife of NYC and natural foods chef gives her take on the season premiere.