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Brian Malarkey

No Artificial Sweetness!

Brian Malarkey insists that you don't need to eat poorly to have good comfort food.

Finally, the Finale

Brian Malarkey explains how Kevin's simple cooking embodies the spirit of "Get Fresh."

Save Restaurant Wars!

Brian Malarkey wants the old format back ... and schools you on sustainable fish.

Dances with Pigs

Brian Malarkey explains how to enjoy pork ... responsibly.

Laughter Burns Calories

Brian Malarkey shares how to live and cook family-style with a healthy approach.

No Hocus Pocus!

Brian Malarkey shows you how to balance the angel and devil inside your stomach.

"Get Fresh" Hits the Road

Brian Malarkey shares his best tips for not falling off the Get Fresh wagon while you're away from home.