Curtis Stone Hates This One Food With a Surprising Passion: "It's Gross!"

Curtis Stone Hates This One Food With a Surprising Passion: "It's Gross!"

The Top Chef Jr. host has "no idea why anybody would eat that."

By Tamara Palmer

Top Chef Jr. host Curtis Stone loves working with kids, and has maintained the sweet tooth of his youth — a passion he followed to ultimately become a chef. But he's not into all forms of sugar. Not. At. All.

"The one food that I would never eat no matter what is black licorice," he tells The Feast (clip above). "I cannot stand the taste of it. I have no idea why anybody would eat that. It's such a strong flavor, it's gross!"

He'd much rather have chocolate, it turns out.

"I eat a little piece of chocolate every single day," he admits, somewhat sheepishly. "It's my favorite thing in the world and I can't stop myself."

He knows he can't just eat chocolate every single day, though. But if he had to choose just one single thing alone to eat every day, it would have to be sweet.

"If I had to eat one thing every single day it would be fresh fruit," he says. "I actually love fresh fruit depending on the season. Cherries, berries. In summer, peaches, nectarines. iI winter there's citrus, and there's pears and there's apples in fall. It's just so good."

Nature's candy, as they say!

Curtis Stone is the host of the new series Top Chef Jr. Watch it only on the NEW Universal Kids. And tune in for Top Chef's Season 15 premiere on Thursday, December 7 at 10 pm PT/ET!

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