East Coast Versus West Coast: Taco Rivalry Triggers Most Heated Smack Talk Since Biggie and Tupac

East Coast Versus West Coast: Taco Rivalry Triggers Most Heated Smack Talk Since Biggie and Tupac

Ooh, snap.

By Alesandra Dubin
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East Coast Tacos Reviewed by a West Coast Chef

Oh, it's on.

When it comes to tacos, Los Angelenos would be quick to assert that no where in the world — at least no where in America — makes them better.

And as you can see in the the video clip above, one West Coast-based chef has no problem calling it like he sees it, in very plain terms. Chris Oh, chef/founder of L.A.'s Seoul Sausage Co tried seven New York tacos and rated them on taste. It didn't go very well — for New York.

To start out, Chris says what he looks for in a taco — namely the quality of the tortilla, and the overall flavor, as well as ingredient quantity and mix — and says NYC is already at a disadvantage off the bat: All you should put on a taco is your meat, your onions, your cilantro, and a squirt of lime. And I know you guys are from New York [where] limes are scarce. Squirt a lemon! I don’t know."

The first taco Chris tasted was chicken, and he didn't hate it... although he doesn't even get why such tacos exist. "The tortilla looks a little sad. And no one eats chicken tacos. I don’t know why people make chicken tacos." Verdict? Six out of 10. Not too shabby.

Next he tried the carne asada, which he also thought was OK, given it had an "L.A. taste" to it. Overall? Just a five out of 10 on that one. The fish taco also fared well at eight out of 10.

But it went downhill from there. As for the overstuffed cactus taco, Chris was so not impressed. "This is a lot of s*** in your taco. It’s just a pile of cactus. If this was an emoji, it would be a sad-face emoji."

Overall? NYC chefs some work to do on the taco front in order to get close to the famous quality and flavor crafted by their L.A. counterparts.

Parting shot: "New York — stick to bagels and pizza!"


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