Gross! Appalled Passenger Notices His Airplane Meal Expired 10 Years Ago

Gross! Appalled Passenger Notices His Airplane Meal Expired 10 Years Ago

Bon appetit!

By Alesandra Dubin

Few people — outside of the lucky elite in upper-class cabins — expect much from airplane food. First off, you're unlikely to get much of anything in coach these days, and especially not without an upcharge. And if you do get a meal on a long flight, you might find it rather... unsatisfying.

But a passenger on one low-cost carrier experienced a gross airplane meal scenario you might never have even imagined: A traveler on an EasyJet flight was served a cheese sandwich with an expiration date a full decade past. And he even paid for the privilege!

According to The Sun, traveler Adrian Bell was returning to the U.K. from a vacation with his wife when he bought the in-flight snack. But when he received it and looked closer, he noted that the expiration date on the product read June 16, 2007.

According to The Sun, the passenger complained, but a flight attendant merely told him: "We should charge you more — it's an antique." Funny! And yet not.

Well, for the airline's part, EasyJet said that the food was in fact not out of date, but merely was mislabeled. A spokesperson told The Sun: "We have looked into this with our in-flight partner and they have confirmed that this sandwich was in date. This was obviously a manual printing error and we are surprised that anyone would think it was anything else."

Perhaps, but still not a great PR moment for the airline... among so many epic customer-service fails in commercial air travel these days.

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