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Eli Kirshtein

The Outsider

Eli Kirshtein describes how he does what most viewers do: think about what they would have cooked in the challenges.

Consistency is Key

Eli Kirshtein explains the importance of the consistency Quickfire Challenge.


Eli Kirshtein explains why it must have been difficult for the chefs to compete against their respective season's winner.

Family Ties

Eli Kirshtein explains why the Ellis Island challenge was a great opportunity for the chefs.

Close to Home

Eli Kirshtein defends deep frying and explains why the Gulf challenge is important.

A Soft Spot

Eli Kirshtein shares his own Target experiences.

What is Fondue?

Eli Kirshtein explains why he thinks his good friend, Richard Blais', fondue was so original.

Gone Fishin'

Eli Kirshtein explains the significance of the chefs' fishing trip.

Smooth Moves

Eli Kirshtein explains what it takes to be successful in a Quickfire Challenge.