Foie Gras Plus Cotton Candy Is a Mind-Blowing Combo You Should Get to Know Better

Foie Gras Plus Cotton Candy Is a Mind-Blowing Combo You Should Get to Know Better

Created by Bravo for Lay's.

By Bryce Gruber

As part of our work with the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor campaign, we're searching for a delicious, inventive flavor pairing perfect for your next big snack session. Foie gras, or fatty duck liver, is a staple at high-end restaurants, thanks to its decadently rich flavor and ultra-smooth, silky texture. But when it's paired with a decidedly lowbrow carnival food like cotton candy, the senses go wild—in the best possible way. That's exactly why major chefs at boutique hotels have been serving their hot, velvety foie gras wrapped in subtly crunchy cotton candy and displaying it as art you can eat. 

The foie gras and cotton candy pairing is a contemporary play on an old classic: the ever-delicious combination of high-fat meats and sweet ingredients. But with this duo, the multi-dimensional textural contrast is an added bonus. Foie gras is as spreadable as butter, while cotton candy alternates between melting effortlessly in your mouth and offering a crystalline crunch. The appeal of childhood state fair memories and upscale, night-out-on-the-town foie is the perfect mashup, but don't expect to see this served anywhere near a ferris wheel. Foie gras and cotton candy, as playful as it sounds, is strictly for upscale least for now. 

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