This Vacation Combines Eating and Nudity, a Potentially Ego-Crushing Combo

This Vacation Combines Eating and Nudity, a Potentially Ego-Crushing Combo

Only for the bold and the beautiful.

By Aly Walansky

Naked travel destinations are not uncommon: After all, naughty travel is the $20 billion industry you never knew existed. But even if you consider yourself a pretty, er, adventurous traveler and eater, would you go on a retreat that pairs being naked with indulging in copious foods? Even for the bold, that sounds like perhaps a dangerous combination, vanity wise.

At "Naked: The Retreat," chef Mark Morales will be cooking and serving his fare. And — oh yeah — he’ll be doing so naked. All the guests eating the food will be naked as well during a seven-day getaway where people are encouraged to share their stories, meditate, and cleanse their bodies.

In a world where people diet intensely just to get ready for a vacation in a bikini, isn't this sort of asking for guests' discomfort?

Not really, says Morales.

"If any cuisine could be labelled with the word naked, it would be raw food, since that is the most natural state of our food. It is always warm where we host the retreat so I keep things fresh and light in a wonderful combination with more grounding, cooked dishes. We strip those seven days off sugar, stimulants, meat, eggs, gluten, and dairy which allows people to experience a lightness in their body, that they are usually not used to," he says. "No bloating from heavy foods helps the attendees to feel more comfortable in their skin, which is one of the aims of the retreat."

The next installation of the "Naked: The Retreat" events is slated to go down in the Dominican Republic in March.

Do you dare?

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