This is the Easy Way to Get That Gorgeous Steakhouse Char on Your Home-Cooked Meats

This is the Easy Way to Get That Gorgeous Steakhouse Char on Your Home-Cooked Meats

The question is: Can you handle 1700-degree heat?

By Tamara Palmer

Cooking steak at home is great and all, but it never quite lives up to those steakhouse steaks, does it? That gorgeous char on the crust, that perfect contrast of crunchy and juicy.... That's why an impeccable restaurant steak is worth every penny. But starting this summer, you'll be able to grill a steak to perfection indoors in your own home kitchen, in just three minutes.

It sounds too good to be true, but here's the secret: 1700 degrees. Your home oven goes nowhere near that, but the new O.F.B. Grill will—and it's portable too. Otto Wilde Grillers, a family-owned startup in Dusseldorf, Germany, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to build the oven, named for the family's engineer patriarch, who came up with the infrared-powered gas flame wonder at the request of his children. They explain on the Kickstarter page that they quit their jobs to make the O.F.B. Grill a reality.

According to Inc, the company eschewed potential investor money for crowdfunding directly to potential customers, and the gamble has paid off. The Kickstarter hit its initial funding goal of $102,589 in just 10 days and has more than doubled since.

Not only is this product scaled for home use; it's a total departure from any home ovens we've seen before. The flame cooks from the top, for one.

"We think our product is disruptive. It's different—the technology is different, the style is different, it is even a divergence from standard grilling culture. But we knew there was a market for it and that consumers would see the vision, more so than an investor. We wanted to do what consumers wanted; not what investors wanted," co-founder Julia Westermann told the publication.

If you donate to the campaign, which ends on May 6, you can pre-order the O.F.B. for more than $200 off the expected retail price of around $895.

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