This Pizza Topped With Halloween Candy Is an Affront to Decent Humans Everywhere

This Pizza Topped With Halloween Candy Is an Affront to Decent Humans Everywhere

When it comes to fall's relentless scope creep, nothing is sacred.

By Drew DiSabatino

We've seen pizza lovers go to bat for some truly disgusting pizza toppings. We're talking ingredients that have no business being on pizza. And we've also seen fans of autumn take seasonal flavor and ingredient combos way too far — for example, pumpkin spice cough drops. (Just no.)

But when Twitter user @TheRealAsswolf (yes, that's right) posted this horrible, trolling pizza creation topped with a fall favorite, everyone just lost it.


Tis not the season. Tis never the season. Not only is this horrifying creation an insult to candy and frozen pizza — it’s just an assault on unsuspecting eyes.

Now to be fair, does it seem like we’re potentially overreacting a little bit to what is clearly a joke picture posted by someone who explicitly wanted this kind of reaction? No, actually, we really don’t think we are. Go look at it again.

And a majority of the Internet appears to be 100 percent behind us on this:

Even DiGorino had to weigh in.

However there may still be a silver lining to this nightmare: an opportunity to bring together two sides of our longest-standing pizza debate in unity against a much, much greater evil.

For the good of all that is pizza — let's do it.

Credit: @TheRealAssWolf/Twitter

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