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Stephanie Izard

Passing the Torch

Season 4 winner Stephanie Izard breaks down the Season 5 finale course by ourse.

I am a Scallop Lover

Stephanie Izard breaks down the Le Bernardin challenge, and explains why she was surprised by the outcome.

Restaurant Wars

Stephanie Izard gives her take on Restaurant Wars and her fellow Chicagoan, Radhika's, performance.

Two Sides of Cooking

Stephanie Izard contrasts the canned food and fresh food challenges.

Little Kick In The Butt

Stephanie Izard declares the blind judging episode as her favorite so far this season.

Think Outside The Pot

Stephanie Izard misses Eric Ripert in a Santa suit, but overall thinks this season's chefs adequately brought the holiday spirit.

Wedding Bell Blues

You asked. She answered. Stephanie Izard discloses her top three picks!

Just Desserts

Season 4's winner talks turkey and how to get more info on her new project!

Restaurant Wars?

Stephanie Izard explains why she's jealous of this week's challenge.