The Viral "Wine Workout" Is A Fitness Routine We Can Absolutely Get Behind

The Viral "Wine Workout" Is A Fitness Routine We Can Absolutely Get Behind

A Tennessee woman's viral video has us re-thinking our gym membership.

By Drew DiSabatino

We've seen a lot of workout trends over the years. Soul Cycle, Pure Barre — remember Prancersizing? But for all the different exercise routines that have enjoyed their time in the spotlight, we’ve never been as interested, or intrigued, as we are over this latest one: Wine Workouts.

Here's a video that shows exactly how it works:

OK, so it's a lot more wine than workout (three sets of 10 reps should get you good and buzzed) but hey, points for effort?

USA Today reports that the mastermind behind this madness is Megan Vaughan, a radio personality, fitness enthusiast, and apparent wine lover living in Clarksville, Tennessee. Vaughan says the idea for the video came when she and her husband recently moved to Tennessee from Kansas and were unpacking their set of barbells. She saw the weights and was immediately struck with inspiration.

But the couple didn’t take the easy way out. Sure, they essentially just duct-taped a Merlot bottle to a weight, but first they emptied it, and then refilled it with various amounts of boxed wine to make sure they had the optimum weight and pour for smooth curling-drinking action. As Vaughan explains: “I was just going to stick it on, but my husband said, 'No we got to do it right,' so we got really scientific with it.”

And their science experiment work paid off. The video was picked up by UNILAD, The Daily Mail and several other media outlets, which resulted in an audience of more than 37 million views for the vino-based workout routine.

Since then Vaughan has shared a few other wine-based workout ideas, though nothing seems to have generated quite as much excitement as the initial barbell creation stirred up.

But maybe they just need a little time to breathe first.

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