The World's Best Summer Job Will Pay You $12,000 to Travel and Drink Beer

The World's Best Summer Job Will Pay You $12,000 to Travel and Drink Beer

Instead of fetching someone else's coffee, you'll be refilling your own pints.

By Alesandra Dubin

You might as well hand in your resignation today — because we just found the best job in the world. (And it’s definitely not at your desk.)

Indeed, clear your summer schedule because franchise pub brand World of Beer is offering jobs that seem plucked right out of dreams. The role basically consists of traveling around the world while drinking beer. The program is called Drink It Intern (ahem). And it sounds like a pretty far cry from our own Devil Wears Prada-esque internship days (but we're not bitter).

More specifically, the job is billed as a summer internship for which three people will be chosen to “travel the world, hop from brewery to brewery, WOB tavern to WOB tavern, to explore beer for themselves, and share their stories with WOB drinkers across the country.”

The interns will document their experiences through blogging, capturing video, taking photos, and sharing all over social media. Ideal candidates will be “people who are all about exploring and sharing their experience with their friends, “social media nuts who are always snapping photos of beer and food to share on social media,” “friendly folk,” — and “travelers who love to hit the road every chance they get.”

As if the job doesn’t seem awesome enough as described — to recap, it involves professional beer drinking while traveling — it also pays well. In fact, the gig pays interns each $12,000 plus travel costs for their efforts.

Hey Netflix, which recently offered those $2,000 per week gigs for people to travel and Instagram: Looks like the gauntlet’s been thrown for the race to cherriest travel job ever.

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