There's a New Vending Machine in Paris That Dispenses Meat on Demand

There's a New Vending Machine in Paris That Dispenses Meat on Demand

It's a 24/7 sausage party.

By Alesandra Dubin

The romance, the views, the shopping, the world-class museums… some travelers would argue Paris already had it all. But evidently the destination had room for at least one more enticement that might just be capable of drawing people from around the globe. We’re talking about a sausage vending machine. 

Yes, according to an Associated Press report, there is now a shiny red and white machine on the bustling Rue de Charonne in eastern Paris that vends such nibbles as Bayonne ham and Basque pâté. The refrigerated case looks not unlike a Coca-Cola vending machine you might find in any mall across America — just a little chicer and emblazoned in French words.

It’s the city’s first such machine dispensing meat — although, of course, the French capital is full of butcher shops and meaty menus. In fact, according to the AP report, the area that houses the machine already had about 25 butcher's shops. And it was indeed the very owners of one among those shops — Florence and Michel Pouzol of L'ami Txulette — who invested the equivalent of about $45,000 to create the machine that offers vacuum-packed meat.

“This is to cater for customers over the weekend [when the shop is closed],” Pouzol told the AP. “The idea was also to serve people after the shop's closing hours. We close at 8 p.m. but some people leave work very late and find the shop closed when they walk past it."

So take heart, Paris travelers: No matter when the urge for sausage strikes, you’ll be able to satisfy it. Bon appetit!

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