These 5 Domestic Airlines Have the Best Food

These 5 Domestic Airlines Have the Best Food

It gets better than teeny peanut packs.

By Alesandra Dubin
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If you’ve ever peered into a sad, soggy sandwich on a domestic flight and thought, “Surely, we can do better than this,” well — you’re right.

As part of Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards survey, the mag’s readers have rated the best airlines for food in the country — and it turns out there are actually delightful dishes and service style out there. Yes, even on U.S.-based airlines.

Consider Alaska Air, for instance, on which you can enjoy a drink from a Pacific Northwest distillery such as Alaskan Ice Bay IPA or Sun Liquor gin. Or Hawaiian, where service comes with that signature aloha spirit.

And we’re not just talking about first class, either. Below is the list of domestic airlines offering the best in food service across cabins... even if, admittedly, the bar is not exceptionally high among domestic airlines.

5. Sun Country Airlines

4. Alaska Airlines

3. JetBlue Airlines

2. Hawaiian Airlines

1. Virgin America

Readers love Virgin for its specialized service approach: You pick and order your food by way of the seat-back entertainment system. The San Francisco-based carrier was also a winner for its healthy options, as well as local ones — such as SF's 479° Popcorn.

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