TSA Says You Can Fly With a Carry-On Turkey (But Easy on the Gravy)

TSA Says You Can Fly With a Carry-On Turkey (But Easy on the Gravy)

File under: awkward Thanksgiving packing dilemmas.

By Bryce Gruber

If your main reason for flying home this Thanksgiving is the prospect of leftovers, you need to know that the TSA just announced that sweet potato casseroles and gravy are strictly forbidden in your carryon bags. And the agency has spelled out its policies for transporting holiday foods in surprisingly specific — and even funny — detail.

According to TSA.gov, "Let’s get the travel tips started by addressing the 15-pound turkey in the room." A little travel security slash Thanksgiving humor for you!

It continued, "Yes, your turkey can fly. Well, turkeys can’t fly, but you can pack them in your carryon or checked bags. If you have a live turkey, you’ll need to contact your airline about their guidelines and possible restrictions."

While turkeys are technically OK to take aboard, now would be a good time to reconsider that garlic brine bath, however. And if you're thinking of bringing your world-famous gravy on board with you, think again.

"Gravy is sadly prohibited from carryon bags unless you pack it in accordance with our liquid polices. You can also pack it in your checked baggage," according to TSA. (Is there anyone on this planet who has a reasonable use for just three ounces of gravy? Probably not, so you will probably want to check it or leave it at the point of origin.)

Cranberry sauce, even if you make the chunky kind, is also forbidden from flying in the overhead bin, as well as butternut squash soup, green bean casserole thanks to its liquid content, and creamed slow-cooker corn. Boo, because a good serving of green bean casserole on the way home after a long Thanksgiving weekend sounds infinitely better than peanuts, mini pretzels, and a half cup of club soda.

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The TSA also dutifully reminds passengers to avoid bringing their firearms home to family gatherings (by way of plane, anyway), Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices (even if you could use a flame to start cooking your turkey on board), and bottles of moonshine and homemade mulled cider... no matter how perfect those last ones may sound during the crazy frenetic travel season.

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