Your State's Most-Pinned Food Is Probably Something Weird That Will Surprise You

Your State's Most-Pinned Food Is Probably Something Weird That Will Surprise You

We hadn't even heard of some of this stuff.

By Jet Set Staff

Pinterest has just revealed a roundup of what people around the country and the world like to eat, according to their pins. And depending on where you live, the results may surprise you — and even seem pretty odd.

In our own home state of California, the most-pinned food is figs. That might not be so surprising, given the state's reputation as the home of fruits and nuts. And In New York, it's falafel, which makes sense given New York City's cultural melting-pot status, and ethnic food abundance.

But let's keep exploring. Indiana is all about noodle casserole, which fig-loving Californians would consider very '70s... and also very carb heavy. Same for Illinois' wild rice soup (but in fairness, it's cold there). Minnesotans are loving their broccoli salad. And in Nebraska, they're all about sloppy joes — again, a comfort food throwback to an earlier era.

For desserts, Wisconsin loves its "puppy chow." Over in Missouri, it's cheesecake dip, which we, on the coast, didn't even know was a thing until now. Florida is all about cake toppers, so you know they're feeling the party spirit.

Thanks to Pinterest, we also know where the liquid dieters are: Pennsylvania's most-pinned "food" is Peach Schnapps, New Jersey's is sangria, and New Hampshire's is (wait for it) martinis.

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