Ever Wonder What a Day Off From the Top Chef Set Looks Like for Judge Gail Simmons?

Ever Wonder What a Day Off From the Top Chef Set Looks Like for Judge Gail Simmons?

It's. So. Good. 

By Alesandra Dubin

If, like us, you've long assumed that Top Chef judges have the best jobs in the world... well, we are here now to underscore that point even further.

Let us present you with Gail's Day Off, our new digital series that follows Gail Simmons on her seriously epic adventures around Colorado during breaks from Top Chef Season 15 filming.

Perhaps, on your days off, you're all about Netflix (with or without chill). Or perhaps a good long nap. (And hey, power to you.) But Gail Simmons is on some next-level day-off business.

Stepping away from 16-hour days on the set, Gail set out to enjoy ziplining, flyfishing, biking, horseback riding, and baseball — all undertaken against the backdrop of Colorado's gorgeous natural and urban settings.

I love doing outdoor activities like this," Gail told Jet Set. "Being in the open air is definitely my favorite way to exercise. I don’t get to do it as much in Brooklyn, New York, but it’s totally exhilarating. I loved it!”

She told us her unique work schedule does leave room for adventure. "I’m not on every day. I’m in nine or 10 of 15 episodes in a season, so I get every other day off. It’s never enough time to go home necessarily, but I get a lot of time in between challenges.”

And that's where Gail's Day Off comes in. “We carved out these days to do all this fun stuff. They were really my days off! I wouldn’t have necessarily done these things had Bravo not asked me to, but I was super up for it," she shared. "I loved that this was a full departure [from the other digital series I’ve done in the past], and I could just do crazy, awesome, very Colorado things.”

And you're definitely going to want to come along for the ride. Watch the whole series above and get that bucket-list journal out while you're at it.

—Reporting by Macy Daniela Martin

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