Ep 10: For Julia & Jacques

Ep 10: For Julia & Jacques

Season 12 |
Aired: January 7, 2015

For their Quickfire Challenge, the chefs get a flashback to their college days when they must prepare a ramen dish using only ingredients from college students’ dorm rooms to be judged by “Watch What Happens” Live host Andy Cohen and his college roommate from Boston, Dave Ansel. For a very special Elimination Challenge, guest judge and legendary chef Jacques Pepin challenges the chefs to create a dish inspired by the French cooking techniques of the legendary Julia Child. It’s a make or break moment for these chefs as they take major risks to create French dishes that would make Julia proud. Joining the judges are Food and Wine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin, Julia Child’s great nephew Alex Prud’homme, and some of the first ladies of Boston’s culinary scene: Barbara Lynch, Mary Dumont and Joanne Chang. 


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