Meet Top Chef Season 13's Cheftestants: Part 3

Meet Top Chef Season 13's Cheftestants: Part 3

You're def going to droll over their dishes, why not learn more about them first?

Bravo's award winning series, Top Chef is back and better than ever! Padma, Tom, Gail, and Richard are returning to your TV screens and your kitchens with harder challenges and even more delicious dishes. Though the Top Chef panel is the definition of #SquadGoals, it would be nothing without its contestants! Check out some of the newest chefs below and get pumped for Top Chef's triumphant return to California, December 2 at 10/9c!

Kwame Onwuachi

Web address: The Shaw Bijou

Twitter handle: @ChefKwame

Instagram: @bastedmind

Birthday: November 11,1989

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Current Town: Washington D.C.

Occupation: Chef and Owner at The Shaw Bijou

Two Fun Facts: I like popcorn and roller coasters.

Motto: "Never give up."

Amar Santana

Web address: Vaca Group

Twitter handle: @Chefaymar

Instagram: @bbamars

Birthday: May 13, 1982

Hometown: Queens, NYC

Current Town: Orange County, CA

Occupation: Executive Chef/Partner, Broadway by Amar Santana and Vaca Restaurant

Two Fun Facts: I'm playful, like to have fun all the time, and I'm always happy.

Grayson Schmitz

Web address: Grayson Schmitz

Twitter handle: @GraysonSchmitz      

FB Page: Chef Grayson Schmitz

Google: Grayson Schmitz

Instagram: @graysonschmitz 

Birthday: June 22,1983

Hometown: New Holstein, Wisconsin

Current Town: New York, New York

Occupation: Freelance chef

Two Fun Facts: I could beat up most men and I love, love, love Kraft macaroni and cheese...the spiral noodle one. 

Motto: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!!!

Jason Stratton


Pinterest: Bambi Chronicles

Instagram: @bambichronicle

Birthday: October 24, 1979

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Current Town: Seattle, WA

Occupation: General Manager/Executive Chef, Mamnoon

Two Fun Facts: I was raised in a trailer park and I'm a karaoke assassin.


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